thumb|300px|rightComposition: Composition is committed when the conclusion of an argument depends on the erroneous transference of an attribute form parts of something onto the whole. In simpler terms, it occurs when it is argued because the parts have a certain attribute, therefore the whole has that attribute as well.


An example of composition can be found in the ingredients chicken, chocolate syrup, and strawberry yogurt. On its own, each ingredient can be quite tasty. However, it would be fallacious to argue that because each ingredient is tasty, a combination of the three would also be tasty. It is highly doubtful that chicken coated in syrup dropped in yogurt would be delicious. ==

This is a video of selected clips from Fox's singing competition, American Idol. These individual singers are delivering very bad auditions and many of them are not entertaining. But the show itself is highly eclaimed and entertaining for many. Therefore it would be fallacious to state that because of the low entertainment value of some of its competitor's performances, the entire show is not enjoyable. ==